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Black Powder \\ Red Earth is a 7D isometric tactical action game where players control 7 man cell teams conducting night raids into sprawling non-permissive environments. Inspired by John Hill's classic board game Squad Leader and Bullfrog's Syndicate the game is class driven, offering a diversity of tactics and strategy without sacrificing run-and-gun shoot outs. It's a game where stealth is a means to approach and assess a target, the player is not punished for killing enemies and collateral damage is accepted as a necessary evil. In short, BPRE is a canvas, with an objective. Not a corridor crawler with pop up targets spawning grenades at your feet to keep you moving along or a stealth game where killing enemies earns you admonishment and empty moral standards.

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Partner at Haley Strategic, designing products, creative and training programs. Shop designer at Echelon Software, currently cranking on a new isometric Black Powder, Red Earth game. My first graphic novel series(BPRE) available on Amazon. Working on a sequel and a new non-fiction book. Current graphics and vocals for Gridlink(as seen on Homeland o ). Former singer of Discordance Axis and Hayaino Daisuki.

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That said, as a gamer, I love action games. Echelon is building a thinking mans action game. There are stealth elements, surveillance elements and kinetic elements, but these are abstracted. That said, combat as it is designed is far more complex than flank and counter flank. I will get into some of the thinking and experience that drove the core features of the game in coming blogs but for now.

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After 7 years, the storyline of Black Powder \\ Red Earth continues with a new graphic novel series that serves as a companion to the upcoming BPRE game.

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone who celebrates the holiday :) Everyone here has helped make 7567 a great year for us, by picking up a patch or tee, backing us on Patreon or buying a book, it all allows us to continue making this series! Thanks for everything.

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Between the short story and the graphic novel, I had linked up with some very talented people who would go on to form the core group at Echelon Software. We started the company based on the notion of social FPS gaming, ie something that took the customization, questing and other features from MMO type experiences but broke those out into a browser/mobile browser based social experience, leaving the core gameplay to happen on the desktop/gaming rig. We spent 7 years on the demo, working with publishers before we killed the project. It came down to: Publishers aren't comfortable with new models, Publishers did not believe in the PC platform and finally Publishers want to own everything. All were deal breakers for us so we scuttled the game and moved on.

このクリスマスシーズンに観ておきたい、レゴオリジナルのストップモーション動画⇒/SsTob6o6GWM エルフたちが恐竜に乗って大暴れ??動画に登場する恐竜の作り方は、こちらからダウンロードしていただけます! http:///7kV5Jew

interviews design lead and series writer Jon Chang about his work on Black Powder \\ Red Earth and the forthcoming title being developed by.

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