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Date: 2017-12-11 15:45

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It's great that by the end of the day it speeds everything up so you don't have to just sit around watching everyone walking into their houses. I'd recommend this game to anyone of any age.

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Build your potion empire and make a fortune i. It's supply and demand, fairytale style! Build your potion empire and climb the ranks in Fairy Godmother's operations on your way to making a fortune!

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I just wish they would have made a sequel to it. December 7, 7. 56. Great Way to Buy and Sell Potions! This game has so many nice features to it. One of the most impressive is its storyline and the gameplay. Your basic challenge throughout the game is to beat out your competition in various villages by selling the potions, buying the ingredients, and upgrading your stores.

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I still had a smile on my face for much of the game. I enjoyed FGT so much I even Googled the developers to see what else they had.

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You have funny little fairy tale characters that cross your path and ask for you to solve their problem with a list of choices you can choose, all with different results based upon your decision. This game requires you to basicly run a business.

The goal of the player is to maximize profit and drive the competition out of business. The player accomplishes this goal by distributing money to the different company needs in order to reach a successful business.

Good Value and Lots of Fun! Most recently I've put in at least 6. It starts out simply enough and prepares you for the increased difficulty. I've have this game for a couple of years now, and I keep replaying it. Its a great value and a lot of fun!

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